Mexico's Finest Crewneck Black / White Print


Mexico Classic Crewneck Black  MEXICO'S FINEST - Black / White Print

Made in Los Angeles California, this crewneck is inspired by some of the statements of our current president and some brave actions and struggles of our Mexican people . This statement of Mexican's Finest does not conform to drug-dealers, gangbangers or criminals as some people may think but to people that come to this country and excel making the most of their opportunities.

Finally, as part of our commitment to our quality, this crewneck is made of premium textile making it the most comfortable crewneck you will own; confirming once again our commitment to excellence on all of our products .


We hope you enjoy it as much as we liked designing it.


 NOTE: This crewneck is elegant, simple and with a style that could be defined as unique.Carefully crafted from the best materials, colors, inks and labels, this piece promises not to disappoint.


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