MEXICO'S FINEST  Camo/Black Patched Trucker Hat


MEXICO'S FINEST  Camo/Black  Patched Trucker Hat 

Made in Los Angeles California, this hat is inspired by some of the statements of our current president and some brave actions and struggles of our Mexican people . This statement of Mexican's Finest does not conform to drug-dealers, gangbangers or criminals as some people may think but to people that come to this country and excel making the most of their opportunities. 

This Hat is the first version of trucker hat we made and we wanted to make it right. Patched and printed frontal panel with full embroidery around the patch; this suede visor hat brings attention to detail while making a statement.

We added a small detail on the back side of the hat; This touch represent the blood and struggle of our Mexican People that have died chasing the American dream and for that reason is printed in black. Finally, our signature inside tag of BOTB and also our signature bear on the outside snap. THIS WILL SELL OUT QUICK!!!!


Hope you guys like it. 





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